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Oakridge Clowns Radar
National Shoot to Retrieve Champion
2003 Mid North High Point Dog of the Year

  Radar displayed much promise as a young pup which prompted me to keep and train him. I never regretted my decision. He was scent pointing by seven weeks of age and retrieving to hand at 8 weeks. A very stylish and extremely intense dog on point, he never went unnoticed in the field. He was famous for his 100 yard backs. Radar was a very biddable dog that constantly worked to please. I hunted and guided with Radar past 12 years of age. He is gone now, but his frozen semen will keep his legacy alive.
Hips - OFA Excellent.
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Oakridge Rockin’ Ringo
2009 NSTRA Mid North Regional Elimination Championship 1st Runner-Up

I truly believe that Ringo is the most intelligent young male I have trained in 45 years with shorthairs. He has inherited his mother's superior ground covering ability and intelligent use of the wind as well as his sire's exceptional nose and natural desire to retrieve. Ringo is at home in the wild bird fields as well as field trials. He hunts the Ruffs of Minnestoa, the Sharptails and Huns of the northern prairies and the Ringnecks of South Dakota with equal enthusiasm.
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Hud’s Oakridge Tex

Tex is triple bred to the legendary 3XNFC Rawhides Clown. His sire (Hud) was 2004 GSP of the Year, 2006 National Quail Champion and both 2006 and 2007 National Open All-Age Champion Runner-up. In addition, FC/AFC Rusty’s Blue Earth Rex, FC/AFC Clown’s Early News, NFC Heidi’s Mighty City Slicker, FC/AFC Dixieland Rusty, FC Rosehills Bilbo Baggins and FC Jigs White Smoke all show up in his four generation pedigree. He has NSTRA points and one leg of his AKC Senior Hunter title. He is steady to wing and shot and is a natural retriever. Tex works to please with a very cooperative attitude and a super disposition.
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Cooper's Oakridge Sis (Born 10-10-10)

  This petite, well bred young female is double bred to NFC Rawhides Clown. Sis is a very stylish bird finder with never ending prey drive. If she is not in her kennel she is hunting. She's got wheels and the nose to go with them. Sis has great intensity on point and was steady to wing at an early age. She is an enthusiastic natural retriever and a biddable, easy to handle hunting companion. In the kennel she has a mellow, laid back personality and is a pleasure to work around.
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Ram Rod's Oakridge Beau

  Beau is the earliest starting, most biddable young male I've started in many years. He was steady to wing and shot and a solid natural retriever at 14 months. Beau is a bird crazed, hard driving, ground covering young dog with a super nose and rock solid intensity on point. He is a grandson of the legendary NFC/NGDC/FC/AFC Moesgaards RB Rhythm N Blues. Beau goes to FC Dixieland's Rusty on five lines of his pedigree.
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  All of our breeding dogs are completely broke, steady to wing and shot and are excellent natural retrievers. The dogs we breed are the same dogs that we hunt, guide and field trial with. All photographs were taken in the field on live birds.
Note: No E-collars here.

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