Mike and Mona Liane

Mike Liane has been around bird dogs all of his life, from his early years growing up in the pheasant country of southern Minnesota, to the past 30 years hunting the prairies of North Dakota.

A Kid with a Dog
"My first Shorthair was a hard hunting German bred female that had an unbelievable nose and a natural retrieving desire that would make most lab guys envious. I honestly don't remember ever losing a rooster when Heidi was on the ground."

Field Trials

Mike and Mona actively participate in field trials of the National Shoot to Retrieve Association. Having successfully campaigned multiple dogs to NSTRA Championships as well as Regional Elimination and High Point Dog of the Year championships, Mike has not only demonstrated the ability of their bloodline, but has also showcased 45 years of training and handling experience. Mike also serves as a NSTRA judge as well as a judging instructor.

"NSTRA has not only allowed me to demonstrate the worth of our dogs, but it has also provided me the opportunity to hone my own training and handling abilities. Not a month goes by that I don't learn something new. An old dog can learn new tricks. I truly believe that of all the field trial, hunt test, and dog game opportunities out there, NSTRA Trials best simulate the real world needs of the upland foot hunter. I was first attracted to NSTRA because of the fact that the total judging emphasis is on the dog with no consideration given to the handler or his shooting skills. No electric collars or training aids are allowed and at the end of the day the top dog is identified which is important to me as a breeder."

Mike hunts and guides in at least four states each season including North and South Dakota, as well as Montana and Minnesota. Pheasants, sharptails, huns and Ruffed Grouse provide young dogs the 'real world' opportunities necessary in the development of a well rounded gun dog. From his own camp on the Northern prairies of Westby Montana to the prestigious Firesteel Creek Lodge in the Grand River country of Northwestern South Dakota, Mikes' dogs provide friends and clients a most memorable upland hunting experience.

"It is often said that the dog has to work as part of a team and that he must 'hunt for the gun'. I believe that I 'hunt for the dog'. I am just as happy handling dogs for friends and clients and not carrying a gun. I cannot imagine even going afield without a good dog. I will never get tired of developing young dogs. My fondest memories are of a pup successfully tracking and locking a running rooster for the first time or when a young dog learns that he has to establish 30 yards off a hun covey if he wants them to stay on the ground."

The Boss
Mona Liane is a veterinary assistant in Devils Lake and manages the kennels at Oakridge. Suffice to say, these dogs get primo health care. She also performs primary socialization of young dogs and early training in kennel manners.

"Not only has she [Mona] put up with me for more than 33 years, but without her there is no way I could have indulged my 'dog habit' to the extent I have. Mona grew up with animals and even though her first love is horses she really does love the dogs. She truly is my partner."





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